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Monday, July 07, 2008

The journey never ends ...

The soul takes it's form for a purpose...yet it's journey never ends.

Likewise my dearest blog 'Soul Stirring Experiences' came into my life two years back for a purpose which was for the healing of my soul !

I am now convinced that it's purpose is complete. It's time for the soul to take a new form and a new purpose. As I bid a good bye to my darling 'Soulstirring experiences' I want to thank the universe for it's existence in my life for the purpose it was set out to achieve and it successfully did. It shall always hold a special place in my life.

However for all those wonderful friends who shared each moment of my soul stirring exdperiences I would like to share about the new form this soul is taking this time and the journey it's setting of to ...

Yes it's ''

I look forward to our paths meeting yet again in the soul's new journey !

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The unshakeable ocean

This morning I felt as though nature revealed to me a beautiful secret. As I sat by the sea side admiring the vastness of the ocean and wondering about it’s depth, something peculiar caught my attention. The ocean almost looked like it had 3 distinct colours. There was one patch of the ocean that looked like a dark, sad and dirty muddy brown, the other was a beautiful shimmering glamorous blue and the third a calm angelic white.

I was very intrigued by this peculiarity of the ocean and tried to understand why it seemed so. Just then I noticed the sky above that almost teasingly seem to break into a big naughty smile. The three distinct colours that I saw on the ocean where actually the refection of the sky above it . The dirty muddy brown patch was reflection of dark monsoon clouds, then there it was the clear blue sky that reflected it self making the ocean look like its was flaunting its glamour and youth and last but not the least the candy floss looking patch of white clouds that reflected the third calm angelic white ocean.

It was a beautiful sight. What really stuck me was the fact that ocean continued to do what it was needed to…flow aimlessly, make new waves, be expansive, stay calm in its depth, accept what was offered to it yet choose not keep anything within itself, be joyful and playful on it’s surface creating one wave after the other. My perception of what it really seemed, it’s darker side, its glamour or it’s calmness didn’t not bother the ocean. It just consistently continued to do what it was needed and meant do.

This unshakeable trait of the ocean just inspired me. It almost felt like nature shared its secret with me…telling me to keep flowing and continue to do what I was needed to do irrespective of what perception people around me had about my being and the choices I made

This unshakeable trait of the ocean just inspired me. It almost felt like nature shared its secret with me… Thank you my darling ocean for re-instilling my faith in believing myself and doing what my heart truly desired

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